3 days / 70+ speakers
80+ seminars, workshops, and panels
National Symposium for Classical Education

Phoenix Convention Center
February 22-24, 2023
Aristides Atelier

Juliette Aristides

Juliette Aristides is a director of the online program at Aristides Atlier. She is a renowned artist who seeks to understand and convey the human spirit through art.

She has exhibited nationally in numerous solo shows and authored six best-selling books including Beginning Drawing Atelier and Lessons in Classical Painting. Aristides founded the Atelier programs at Gage Academy of Art. She is the Director of the Aristides Atelier for over two decades whose achievements have been recognized in four consecutive exhibitions at the Maryhill Museum of Art. She is director of the Aristides Atelier – groundbreaking remote art instruction for students around the world and a Teaching Fellow at the Florence Academy of Art MA Program. In 2022 she was the recipient of a Fine Art Connoisseur’s lifetime Achievement award. She has had two solo museum exhibitions: Observations, Reading Museum of Art and A Life’s Work at the Customs House Museum. The artwork and writing of Juliette Aristides has been featured in prominent national magazines and she is the recipient of an Elizabeth Greenshields grant and is an Art Renewal Center “Living Master.”


Classical Art- The Alchemy of Skill and Beauty

Art can be taught. Classical Art education is based on hundreds of years of artistic training passed from master to student. Simple lessons from the past approached incrementally give students striking technical artistic fluency. Learning to draw enlarges our interior world, supports a creative life of the mind and changes the way we see the world. In this talk we will mine the lessons of the past to find a template for visual literacy and solving problems of attention and meaning today.

Beginning Drawing

You only need a pencil and a piece of paper to change the way you see the world.  Drawing helps cultivate attention and appreciation for the beauty that can be seen our everyday lives. In this class Juliette Aristides breaks down the drawing process into small, manageable lessons; presents them progressively. You will be introduced to a few time-tested principles and techniques in the Atelier tradition that are easily accessible. Anyone can learn to draw if they are giving the tools, just like anyone can learn to read and write. Join this hands-on beginning drawing workshop to explore some of the principles of drawing. No experience necessary to join this class.