National Symposium for Classical Education

Live Stream the Symposium

“The Tradition Today“
Livestreamed on 2/22/23 at 6:30pm MST

Poetry as Human Energy

with Dana Gioia, Former California State Poet Laureate

Livestreamed on 2/23/23 at 8:00am MST

The Cultural Energy of Schools

with Katharine Birbalsingh, Michaela Community School

Livestreamed on 2/23/23 at 11:30am MST

Establishing Culture to Last

with Jon Balsbaugh, Eric Cook, Keith Nix, Ian Rowe, David Diener, and Toyin Atolagbe

Livestreamed on 2/23/23 at 1:30pm MST

Breaking News for Higher Education—A Conversation with National Leaders

with Jacob Howland, Michael Poliakoff, Peter Wood, and Matthew Smith

Livestreamed on 2/24/23 at 8:00am MST

Recovering Virtue in an Age of Values

with Dan Scoggin, Great Hearts Academies

Livestreamed on 2/24/23 at 9:30am MST

Considering Educational Reform and Choice for the Classical Renewal—A Conversation with National Policy Analysts

with Jay Greene, Robert Pondiscio, Lindsey Burke, Max Eden, and Helen Baxendale

Livestreamed on 2/24/23 at 12:30pm MST

The Essential Impulse of Hope

with Liz Huntley, The Hope Institute

Livestreamed on 2/24/23 at 1:30pm MST

Challenges Facing Classical Education

with Albert Cheng, Jonathan Butcher, Erin Valdez, Matthew Ladner, and Tracy Gardner

Livestreamed on 2/24/23 at 2:30pm MST

Wisdom from the Wonks–How School Leaders can Participate in the Public Policymaking Process

with Eric Cook, Michael Van Hecke, David Goodwin, Dale Ahlquist, and Rob Jackson

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