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Eighth Day Books

Eighth Day Books has specialized in classic books across the disciplines of art, science, and the humanities since 1988, when we first opened our store in Wichita, Kansas.

From the beginning, we have not been a typical independent bookstore; we eschew the trendy, and do not carry books solely based on their saleability. Instead, we’re selective, offering an eccentric community of books based on this organizing principle: if a book (be it literary, scientific, historical, or theological) sheds light on ultimate questions in an excellent way, then it’s a worthy candidate for inclusion in our catalog.

Reality doesn’t divide itself into “religious” and “literary” and “secular” spheres, so we don’t either. We’re convinced that all truths are related and every truth, if we pay attention rightly, directs our gaze toward God. One of our customers found us “eclectic but orthodox.” We like that.

We also resonate with St. Justin Martyr in his Second Apology (paraphrased a bit): that which is true, is ours.

Store Hours: Monday-Friday 10-8, Saturday 10-6 (Central)
Mailing Address: 2838 E. Douglas Wichita, KS 67214
Email: books@eighthdaybooks.com
Phone Number:1-800-841-2541 or 316-683-9446

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