3 days / 70+ speakers
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National Classical Education Symposium

Phoenix Convention Center
February 22-24, 2023
Assistant Professor of Education, Hillsdale College

David Diener

Dr. David Diener works at Hillsdale College where he is an Assistant Professor of Education.

Previous experience includes fifteen years in K-12 private education, eleven of those in administration and eight as headmaster of classical Christian schools. He also is a Fellow on the Alcuin Fellowship National Council and Director of the Alcuin Fellowship Midwest Chapter, serves on the Board of Directors for the Society for Classical Learning and the Board of Academic Advisors for the Classic Learning Test, is a member of the National Council of Classical Educators, and offers consulting services through Classical Academic Press. He is the author of Plato: The Great Philosopher-Educator and has published articles on Plato, Kierkegaard, and various topics in philosophy of education. He also serves as the series editor for Classical Academic Press’ series Giants in the History of Education and is an associate editor for the journal Principia: a Journal of Classical Education. He holds a BA in Philosophy and Ancient Languages from Wheaton College as well as an MA in Philosophy, an MS in History and Philosophy of Education, and a dual PhD in Philosophy and Philosophy of Education from Indiana University.


Putting Plato into Practice: Classical Education in the Classroom and School

Plato is one of the principal founders of the western intellectual tradition, and his understanding of education has had a profound impact on the development of educational theory and practice around the world for nearly two-and-a-half millennia. Despite the importance of Plato’s thought, however, it is not always easy to know how to implement his educational ideas in the day-to-day life of the classroom and school. This talk offers practical advice to help you do just that. Following an introduction to some of Plato’s key educational ideas, we will examine a number of practical questions and suggestions about how to implement those ideas. We will see how Plato’s educational philosophy not only provides a theoretical basis for classical education but also can have a significant practical impact on educators’ daily goals and pedagogical practices.